Why do it

Why do it

Why Do IT ?

India occupies 2.4% of the world’s land area and supports over 17.5% of the world’s population. This staggering number leaves(or includes?) many deprived of basic amenities especially in areas of primary health and education .The following statistics will show the grave state of matter.

Area Health Expenditure % GDP Doctors per 1000 Hospital beds/1000
INDIA 0.8 0.47 0.8
REST OF WORLD 2.6 1.5 3.3
FIRST WORLD 6.1 2.8 7.2

We at “Shyama Foundation” are committed to our goal of providing better health and schooling opportunities to children who are otherwise deprived of such amenities. We believe every child has right to dream and the potential to fulfill his dream. ForThe fortunate souls, like many of us, we get the right support during our childhood to fight and conquer our dream. However for many kids who don’t have the right back- up, the dream gets crushed in their tender age by the harsh realities of life. Some of themy still manage to overcome the odds, however most of them succumb and lose to it. Think of it- If all the kids got their chance to pursue and fulfill their dream, what a bright future would bestow upon them. And what a lucky nation we will be.

Shyama Foundation’s efforts are directed towards identifying the underprivileged kids who can be provided with health care and also educated to live a respectable life .Support system to be created to cushion the poor child’s transition from low and lost to high and hopeful!

Our Promise To You : –

Sharing world, changing lives

  • — To show love and respect to the people we come in contact with.
  • — To care for the unprivileged children and adults.
  • — To be honest, trustworthy, reliable professionals
  • — To act justly, love, mercy and walk humbly in our ways
  • — To nurture our staff team by inspiring and supporting each other