About Eye Camp

India Positive & Shyama Foundation has been regularly organizing eye camps successfully in the remote and rural parts of the country. It is our ‘end to end service’ approach which adds lot of value and benefit to the people.  Every year we are gearing to organize it at a much bigger scale to benefit even larger mass. The eye camps have well appreciated by larger audience including celebrities and media. Please see the link below to see our efforts” Sharing World Changing Lives” in You tube or click the link below

Eye Camps

Eye Camp to be Held on 2nd February 2020 : Benefited more than 5000 people 

Eye Camp to be Held on 28th January 2018
Last Eye Camp held on 10th February 2013
Last Eye Camp held on Dec 2011 : benefited more than 1700 people.
It is facilitated by team of well known ophthalmologist Dr Ajit Sinha and Dr. Satyajit  Sinha and their team of doctors, optometrist and para-medical staff. Patients will undergo check-up, provided medical advice and also necessary medicine. Eye glasses will be distributed to those who have near vision problem free of cost.
Those who need cataract surgery will be screened and selected to be taken to Patna for eye surgery. The surgery cost, providing dark glasses, transportation of patients from village to Patna by bus, accommodation and food during the stay at Patna will be arranged by Shyama Foundation. The entire process, including the operation cost, will be FREE OF COST to the patient.
Sponsor a healthy Eye

You can sponsor one or multiple  person for cataract surgery. We are accepting Rs 2000/person as donation (see payment pledge).   A complimentary  T shirt will be provided for every  donation of Rs.2000.  Donations to Shyama foundation are eligible for Tax exemption.

About Shyama Foundation
Shyama Foundation is a not-for-profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The founders are a group of committed individuals from various walks of life and professional backgrounds. We believe that we are not doing charity but fulfilling our mandatory social obligation- to give back to the society we owe.  Our sole focus is to serve the people from the underprivileged section and disenfranchised communities of the society.
Our Expanding Operations

We started our operations in Jan 2011 from 8000 sq ft health center at Chapra, Bihar.  Due to overwhelming success of this medical center and also taking into account the need for more such centers in this region, we opened another center in June 2012 at Sahuli, a  rural area in Siwan district . Both the centers are professionally managed with local talents and regular visit by doctors are arranged. This has already started making huge impact in the region. Recently testing equipment for ECG and Blood sugar test was added at our Chapra center. The addition of these facilities is taking us towards our vision of providing quality medical help and testing to the people who need it the most. We plan to expand aggressively by opening more centers in coming years.

Please join us

Manish Sinha